Improve Your Daily Life With These 5 Hacks!

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Echo Lawrence - August 4, 2022

Sometimes it gets really hard to live in such a messed up matrix of a world, waking up before the sun goes up and getting home from work as it starts to set, things can get a little boring in these hamster wheels!

We all have to make the best of it and there are some ways you can drastically improve your day to day life with these simple hacks!

Using a Wake Up sun light feels pretty dystopian, but it actually does help with stress management and disorders like SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Not to be confused with the relatively new disorder called SADS or Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.. nothing can help you with that!

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Incense is one of the first fragrant materials ever to be used by humans, staring back in Egypt when they would use certain incense in balms to mummify their dead. There's a reason it is still around today and can help clear negative energy from your home and put you in an overall state of relaxation. It's cheap too!

Buy a set with the following scents Nag Champa, Super hit, Dragon's Blood, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Lavender, Positive Vibes

STOP drinking tap water, they are literally poisoning us and as we know, putting chemicals in the water that are turning the frickin frogs gay. The Berkey is pretty much the best way to filter out all the pesticides, birth control, SSRI pills and diseases out of your grimey tap water, guaranteed to improve your overall health!

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We've all been living through some pretty strange weather, which we can assume is being modified to make us all freak out about global warming while Taylor Swift takes her private jet to 7-11. Since things can get HOT quickly, this Arctic Air portable air conditioner can chill you out, anywhere, using minimal energy consumption!

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Upgrade your morning coffee or tea with a milk frother! Easily turn your boring coffee into a foamy latte or add to a steeped tea for a London Fog type of vibe. You won't even want to go to Starbucks after buying one of these!

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