Keep Your Hiney Shiny With Whisper

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S J - October 12, 2021

Whisper makes a very strong argument for purchasing their product.  If poop got anywhere else on your body you wouldn't just wipe it off with paper, you'd use water.

So why are we wiping our butts with just paper?  It makes no sense.  We should be making our hiney shiny with Whisper.  It connects in just 10 minutes without special tools or electricity.

Your hiney will be shiny and you'll use 80% less toilet paper.  It pays for itself!  Check it out and pick one up today.


Whisper Bidet

A tiny shower for your butt.™

The Whisper Bidet easily attaches to your toilet at home, just under the seat, and leaves you feeling shower-clean. Just twist the knob beside the bowl to rinse your hole. It's the fastest, most thorough, and eco-friendly way to clean your ass.

• Self-Cleaning Nozzle Hygiene Rinse

• Full-Length Nozzle Sprayer Shield

• Anti-Microbial Grade Plastic

• Water Pressure Control

• Precise, Soft-Water Sprayer

• Premium High-Quality Parts Included

• Easy-Install 10-Minute Mount

• No Electricity or Plumbing Required

• 1-Year Warranty on Parts

• 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee


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