Step Up Your Underwear Game With These 5 MeUndies Products

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S J - March 9, 2021

MeUndies has made a name for themselves with their game changing micromodal underwear.  But they're not limiting themselves to just underwear.  They're into all kinds of themes and have taken their micromodal into loungewear.

While I was looking around their site it was very hard to try and nail down just a couple of things to share.  They have so much going on now.  So I didn't, I let them do it for me with their featured tab.

Here are five MeUndies products that will help you step up your underwear game and more!



1.Nugs & Kisses

It’s like hugs and kisses, but with nugs—as in last name nuggets, first name chicken. You already know. Our MicroModal fabric is designed to be the best thing you’ve ever put on your body.



2.Queen Bee

When being covered in bees isn’t dangerous, but in fact, adorable. Check out our newest print, Queen Bee. Just a heads up: our cute prints are limited, so when they’re gone, they’re gone.



3.Zodiac Collection

Here’s your sign that you need new Undies. Don’t see yours yet? Check back soon, friend. It’s coming.



4.The FeelFree Collection

Now featuring FeelFree Lace! The FeelFree Collection was size-tested on every body type, with a feather-light waistband in our signature MicroModal material. Zero restriction. More freedom.


5.Customize Your Perfect Pack

Build a 3, 6, or 10-Pack of your favorite Undies or Socks and save up to 30%. There are men's and women's options available


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