10 Life Hack Items That Actually Work!

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Echo Lawrence - February 2, 2023

There are so many (weird) videos on social media that show off random life hack products, said to make your life easier one purchase at a time. We've done some investigating and have found 10 items that actually do work as a life hack and can actually make your life better!

1: The Car Wastebasket

As much as you don't want to admit it, you need a spot for garbage in your car so that you can be less embarrassed when a co-worker asks for a lift home.

2:Drying Mat For Glasses

I have pretty bad luck when it comes to accidentally smashes stuff when I'm doing the dishes, these drying mats make it easier to dry your fancy glasses with less risk of breakage!

3: Mattress Lifter

I cant tell you how many times I've broken a nail trying to stuff my sheet down to the corners when making the bed. It's always a sad time the can be avoided with one of these stupid looking mattress lifters, for people who really hate making the bed!

4:Extendable Window Squeegee

Have the brightest windows on the block after purchasing this squeegee and make chore time a lot easier!

5: Shower Caddy

These things are so popular because they are actually useful. No more bending over to pick up the soap!

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2 responses to “10 Life Hack Items That Actually Work!”

  1. Hey Bud says:

    5 does not equal 10

  2. Echo Lawrence says:

    You got me there! :/

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