8 Funny T-Shirts for the Crazy World We Live In

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S J - January 28, 2021

We're all currently dealing with a number of historical events all at once.  Sprinkle in some variation of a lockdown over the last several months and we're slowly losing our minds.

As is the case with most things, they have a t-shirt for it.  Here are 8 funny t-shirts for the crazy world we live in.


1. Wrong Society | Drink From The Skull Of Your Enemies T Shirt

This t-shirt makes a great gift for people who have an enemy or 2.  It's perfect for St Patrick's Day, birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween or the current crazy world we live in.


2.  I Just Can't Funny T-Shirt

This funny take on Nike's Just Do It t-shirt speaks for itself.  It also fits these times perfectly.  There are plenty of people who are reaching their breaking point.


3. Thats A Horrible Idea What Time T-Shirt

A horrible idea shouldn't stop the fun.  It often does, but it doesn't have to.  This t-shirt is perfect for those among us who have battled right through the horrible ideas and showed up anyway.


4. Duct Tape Can't Fix Stupid, but can Muffle The Sound

Stupid will always exist, but that doesn't mean it can't be muffled!  Grab the duct tape and this t-shirt.


5. 2020 One Star Rating Very Bad Would Not Recommend

If only we read the reviews before the year started.  2020 was without a doubt a one star, very bad, would not recommend year.


6. I Don't Have The Time Or The Crayons to Explain This to You

Some people aren't going to understand what's going on no matter how many times you try to explain it to them.  Pictures might help, but why waste the effort?


7. Breaking News: I Don't Care

With so much going on these days people are getting completely burned out.  This t-shirt captures that sentiment perfectly.


8. When This Virus is Over

Not everything that the pandemic has produced has been negative.  One positive thing has been social distancing.  Some are going to miss these days when it finally goes away.

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