21 Back to School Deals!

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Echo Lawrence - August 25, 2022

Back to school season is upon us and that means Amazon is promoting all kinds of deals on products you or your kids may need when returning back to school. Since cancelling student loan debt is all the rage right now, use those savings to buy yourself some new gear for the school year! Here are 21 back to school deals you can grab right now!

36 Assorted Color Sharpies

A New TI-84 Calculator

6 pack of notebooks

A Hard cover notebook

This ancient looking journal for the nerds (I want one)

Thick lead mechanical pencils

A Retro binder


Funky rainbow pencils

A new pencil case

An inspirational notebook

A new backpack

Themed pencils

Sticky Notes

Pastel Highlighters

Pastel Spiral notebooks


Pencil Sharpener

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