Buy a Bottle Once and Refill It Forever With Blueland

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S J - May 18, 2022

This just makes sense.  Forget a bunch of smoke and mirrors eliminating single use plastic is a great idea.  That's what Blueland does.  They've taken planet care and made it personal.

They have refillable bottles for everything from hand soap to personal care.  The best part, aside from it just making sense, is all you have to do is fill your Forever Bottle with water then drop a tablet in it.

Your hand soap, home cleaner, dish soap, laundry cleaner, or personal care cleaner is ready for use in just a few minutes.  No shaking or stirring required.

Check out all that Blueland has to offer below:


Hand Soap

Foamy goodness designed to keep your hands and the planet clean


Home Cleaners

Plant and mineral-derived cleaning solutions to keep your home in tip top shape



Powerful, zero-waste options for washing your dishes



Effective & plastic-free laundry alternatives that work as hard as you do


Personal Care

Delightfully sustainable cleansers for a wash without the waste



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