Halloween Inspo: Balenciaga Model!

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Echo Lawrence - October 21, 2022

The Balenciaga Spring '23 show made all the headlines at this years Paris Fashion Week after the models appeared to be making their way through a runway dug out of the mud, getting dirty in the process. The show has gone on to become a series of memes, mainly for the way some of the models were walking, including Kanye West and Bella Hadid.

The look is pretty easy to copy for Halloween this year and if you own a black garbage bag, you're already half way there!

A Black Zip Up Hoodie

Once you get this hoodie you're going to want to go dig a hole in the backyard and bury it for a few nights, then pull it up, clean a few of your rusty tools with it and make some fraying to the edges with a knife. You could also try burning it on the stove top but that is a bit riskier.

Black Cargo Pants

You need to make these things look like you wore them for a week straight, roll around on the sidewalk a bit and make them not look like they just showed up from Amazon. Fill those cargo pockets with candy, beer and other treats!

A black rain boot

Kanye West has been 3D printing these type of boots at his warehouse, allegedly putting on a brand new pair every day. Grab a pair of Crocs rain boots and you'll come to love the look and feeling of stomping around the neighbourhood in these, even on a dry day!

A Garbage Bag Tote

The real deal is made out of calfskin and made to look like a hefty bag, but for halloween were using the good ol garbage bag from under the sink!

Silver Sunglasses

These are basically the same glasses you would grab at the gas station for a few bucks, but obviously the pair from Balenciaga come with a higher price tag. These ones on Amazon are cheap and can be worn all year long!

Now practice your stomp and get out there!

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