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Echo Lawrence - July 28, 2022

Travelling can be a nightmare these days, with long lines, lost luggage and cancelled flights, your safest bet is to pack light and keep your carry-on with you as you navigate these busy airports.

These items will help you get to your destination with a little less pain, while keeping you prepared for anything in the event that your flight is cancelled and you're stranded at the airport for 3 days like Tom Hanks in Terminal.

Bring all our products with you in these trendy Silicone Travel Bottles

Don't be left without power, get a Small Portable iPhone Charger

This Hanging Toiletry Bag can come in very hand in small spaces like the airplane bathroom

Organize your packing with Packing Cubes

Capture every single memory with a Waterproof GoPro

Keep your electronics safe with this Waterproof Electronics Organizer

Leave all the extra cameras at home and upgrade your vacation photos with this Keywing iPhone Camera Lens

Be prepared to sleep anywhere with this Organic Cotton Blanket

Shrink your luggage size using these Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags

Keep the power going throughout your trip with this universal Outlet Plug

If you're one of those people with an Apple Watch, this portable charger is a game changer

Don't forget to brush! Grab a new bamboo toothbrush!

If it's been a while, you might want to upgrade your carry-on!

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