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S J - January 21, 2022

HELM boots is here to make your look.  Every pair is designed with simplicity in mind.  They combine a timeless aesthetic with the best materials on earth to create boots that are designed to fit your style for years to come.

These are reliable and good looking boots.

HELM boots wants you to love your first pair and offer free shipping and free exchanges until you find your perfect pair.  Here are their best sellers!


The Zind

Where would HELM be without Amelia Zind? In addition to being a beautiful person inside and out, she is the anchor of our office, keeping us all sane and in order. She is always taking care of us and our customers as well. We are proud to have her as part of our team, and it’s only fitting that this amazing, balanced and lovely boot be named after Ms. Zind.


The Charlie

The Charlie is named after our CEO's daughter, Charlie Grace. An independent spirit that owns every move, is always one step ahead of her parents, and carries a joy for life that the world could use more of.


The Bradley

The Bradley is named after HELM's President, Bradley Day. After a successful 16 year career in footwear, Brad joined the HELM team in early 2016, and we're all the better for it. Much like this shoe, Brad is both classic and current, a leader and a team player, always walking with integrity, and we are proud to be led by him.


The Pablo

This boot is named for our founder's dear friend since they were teenagers, Paul, whom he calls “Pablo.” Paul is a man who stands true to his dedications. Whether it be his faith, his family, or his work, he is highly disciplined and deeply devoted and has always chosen the higher road. We need more Pablos in this world.



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