Pandemic Gear: Tropical Print Masks!

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Echo Lawrence - May 25, 2020

Since we are all going through this Pandemic together, we’ve found ourselves having to order more and more items online with stores being closed, which can bring forth a few issues for the average shopper. You might not know where to start with online shopping, you also might not know what vendors to trust. You also may not want to support big brands owned by soon to be trillionaire's but also want reliable and quick service. With face masks being made mandatory in many parts of the world it’s likely that you’re looking for a fun and trendy masks to buy.

That is why we began trying out different masks that were available online, some were handmade, some were medical grade and some were just for personal use as an added barrier from the outside world. We went through a series of wear tests and have found a fantastic option with the line of masks offered by Mahalo Masks. I mean, who doesn’t love a tropical print? The Hawaiian shirt of masks, specially when we can't travel!! Bring us those vacation vibes.


Mahalo Masks offer a limited series of designs that feature classic Hawaiian print as well as the now iconic banana leaf on pink background, think Beverly Hills Hotel, but on your face.

Each mask is made out of an ultra soft antimicrobial fabric that will help keep both your germs in your mask, and cover your mucus membranes from the outside world. And with names like Protect Paradise and Respect the Island, these masks are perfect to wear while you daydream about being on a tropical vacation, while staying safe at home.

While the masks are not certified PPE, they do a great job of keeping you in line with the mandatory mask rules while looking super stylish. The prints are limited and with free shipping over orders of $40 I would suggest stocking up on all 4 while you can!

They also offer a monthly subscription box for a mask of the month delivered to your door, giving you fun options for the latest accessory craze.

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Mahalo Masks Tropical Print Mask

Mahalo Masks Hawaiin Print Mask TropicalMahalo Masks Tropical Print COVID-19 MASKS Gold Leaf


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