Personal Wellness Treatment Plans For Him

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S J - August 20, 2021

Hims is about personal wellness.  Their job, according to them, is to make looking and feeling your best easy and affordable.  Their calling bullshit on the idea that men aren’t supposed to care for themselves.

Hims is providing more affordable access to prescriptions, products and to medical advice.  They specialize in those things that men have traditionally found hard to talk about.

Whether you need help with hair loss, erectile dysfunction, skincare or anxiety and depression, Hims can help.



Hair loss is normal. But with Hims, it doesn’t have to be. We can connect you to clinically-proven treatments and over-the-counter products to help you get your hair back.


Erectile Dysfunction

Tackling ED has never been easier. These FDA-approved, effective ED pills can’t be found over-the-counter and always require a prescription in the USA. The licensed providers through our platform can help with exactly that—all from home.



Prescription-strength acne and anti-aging products designed for your skin needs. Powerful. Simple. And easy. Order online and get them delivered to your door.


Anxiety & Depression

Sometimes your mind is in game time mode and your body is somewhere else. With cold season always in bloom, loud roommates that keep you up, and nerves that come creeping before an important presentation - life can throw you some curveballs. Let's help you maintain your well-being through it all.


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