Tailgate Like a Champ This Season!

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Echo Lawrence - August 30, 2022

The official 2022 NFL season is starting in about a week or so and it's time to get ready to go to some games! Nothing feels better than heading out to tailgate with the boys with a fully stocked set up, being prepared so you can actually enjoy the tailgate experience and have everything you need on you! Here are some tailgating products you need for this season!

Set up a shade

Rep your team with a set of chairs and a small table

Up your small table game with this NiceC one which comes with a drink bucket below and a chip bucket up top!

Keep things cold with some cooler options!

Set up this foldable table that comes with storage so you keep things organized

Get your grill on with this Wifi controlled grill

Or get this cheaper and just as effective collapsable grill!

Keep your burger toppings/ side cold with this iced storage server

Light things up with this LED tent

Keep drinks cold with these metal cups - it works!

Tire Table? Genius!

Need more space? Here's another table!

All the tools you need for your grill!

Classy glasses that keep things cold!

Bring the power with this adapter

Clean up with these collapsable cans

Rep your team at the grill with these themed aprons!

Get competitive with a custom game of Cornhole!

Get crazy with these official crazy pants, sporting the team of your choice!

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