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Echo Lawrence - August 2, 2022

Jeff Bezos needs to pay for all the HGH he takes and that means we need to continue supporting the evil that is Amazon!

It's hard to stay away from the shopping platform when everything is so cheap and ships so quickly. So here are some of the best deals of the day that Amazon is offering right now, get them while they're cheap!

A Tongue Scraper Kit

If you aren't scraping your tongue after you brush, keep your mouth SHUT. Improve your hygiene and leave your breath smelling fresh with this kit!

High Waist Active Wear Shorts

These shorts will suck your tummy in and have your booty looking perky while you do you're silly little walk each day. As an added bonus the shorts come with a pocket to hold your cellphone so you can track your steps!

A New Gaming Computer

Upgrade your online gaming experience with a new gaming laptop, on sale for $100.00 off!

New iPhone Cases

These cases are 69% off ;)

A New Chef Knife

Nothing cuts like brand new knife. Upgrade your kitchen game with this Bekhic chefs knife!


Whether you're an avid bird watcher or you just want a better view of your hot neighbor's bedroom, these binoculars will do the trick!

Tactical Flashlight

Everybody needs a new flashlight to keep in their in case of emergency drawer and with the impending apocalypse, we need them now more than ever!

A New Pillow!

It may not be but it is cheap!

Press on Nails!

Remember press on nails? Well they make them even cooler now and you can score a pair like these for under 10$ right now!

Camera Covers

Stop letting apple like TikTok watch your facial expressions and adjust your algorithm based on the reaction your face makes to the video that you're watching. It's creepy and these little stickers allow you to open or close your front facing camera. A game changer in privacy!

* As Amazon Affiliates we may make a small commission on sales from this article.

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