Top 10 Items for The Great Outdoorsman!

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Tex Hollywood - February 18, 2021

With COVID getting in the way of traditional socializing, the only salvation any of us had was the Great Outdoors! We reconnected with nature instead of our grandmas and now we have this new love affair with nature.

The masters of Outdoor are L.L. Bean an in the event you didn't know:

L.L.Bean is an American, privately held retail company founded in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean. The company is headquartered where it was founded, in Freeport, Maine. It specializes in clothing and outdoor recreation equipment.

They are the inventors or at least the mass marketers of the "Duck Boot", which is also known as the Maine Hunting Shoe

L.L. Bean is Quality and have since expanded and here are 10 must need items from L.L. Bean for the Outdoorsman!


You can't be an Outdoorsman without a backpack to carry all your outdoorsman supplies. From snackbars to water and everything in between, you need to go out there equipped in case something happens. There are risks to being an outdoorsman and having enough room for the essential supplies for every outdoor trip you do is the key to a successful Outdoorsman life. We like this pack because it was designed with the help of Maine State Game Wardens. This pack performs at the highest level.

2- Hunter's Blind!

This may be an obscure Outdoorsman item, especially if your idea of being an Outdoorsman involves going to the local park for 10 mintues, but even there you can find practical purposes for this Hunter's Blind. It is lightweight, portable, but most importantly can make you invisible. There are 10 potential windows, a carrying case with shoulder straps, and whether it's good for big game hunting or just concealing your presence anywhere you need, this Hunter's Blind is for you!!



This jacket may be lightweight, but they claim it is ultra warm, in fact, they say it has a revolutionary technology that makes it the best WARMTH to WEIGHT ratio you'll find anywhere. You need to protect yourself from the elements, even if I am more into it for the camo print. It's cool and will guarantee you being taken seriously as that Outdoorsman you know you are! THEY ALSO HAVE THE WADERS


Every Outdoorsman should have a furry companion, I mean it's basically historically what humans and dogs do, they travel together, eat together, hunt together, play together. They are the best of friends, so you don't want to lose track of your pooch when out in the wilderness doing your outdoorsy things or if you fall down that ravine as you're known to do, you will want the people finding your dog to know who to call to save him and you, if you survived that fall as outdoorsman do.



Take a hint from a classic saying your mom or dad probably said to you about being up shit's creek without a paddle. You know get ahead of the story by coming equipped with your own paddle. You may never use it, but if you ever find yourself needing a paddle you'll be glad you have one, or mad you didn't get one today! You know, preventative measures here. Always be prepared!


Like the Paddle before it, you never know when you'll need a shovel no matter where you live in the USA, as proven by the recent storms! Snow can hit anywhere and you may be needing to dig yourself out. This telescoping shovel, designed for backcountry adventures, but perfect for all your shovel needs is telescopic and useful all winter long!


This is an on-sale, collector's edition knife that will look great in any outdoorsman's collection. It is based on one of L.L. Bean's favorites from their 1941 catalog, so it has that HERITAGE or VINTAGE look, making it so much cooler. It has a leather handle, it's only a 4 inch blade so manageable and convenient like the leather case it comes with!! This Hatchet Combo is Awesome Too


This is a traditional style mitten that may remind you of being a kid, but mitts have been a winter necessity for generations and these mitts are built durable enough to chop wood with, hunt and fish with. The deerskin is resistant to water and wind, the inner mitt is merino wool which keeps you warm. You can't go outside in the winter without some mitts!


Every Outdoorsman knows that being an Outdoorsman is better with their Outdoosman-Woman, so what better way to kick back and relax in nature than with your significant other who ideally will be outdoors-ing with you!



Every Outdoorsman needs to come back home and when they are back home, they don't want the mud and ice and snow of the day's adventures destroying their floors, this Wooden Boot Tray saves the day and floors! Leaves the outdoors off the floors!


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