5 Gifts For a New Mom This Mother’s Day!

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Echo Lawrence - May 9, 2024

It seems like nearly everyone I know is either newly pregnant or having babies, which is amazing and always fun, it's also a reminder that my friends and I are all getting old.

For a lot of us, it can be difficult knowing what to get a first time, or a new mom for Mother's Day. This gift guide is perfect for those of us struggling to decide what to get the new mom in our life on their first Mother's Day!

1 - Feltman Brother's Milestone Blanket.

Let's start with the cutest option for a new mom, a way to track their new baby's growth while being adorable, and soft!

Additionally, the blankets serve as a practical and visually appealing prop for capturing adorable photos of baby's developmental milestones.

Available in blue or pink, each blanket is beautifully wrapped in a gift box and includes a metal ring to be placed around the month for photographs!

Shop the Boys Milestone Blanket Here

Shop the girls Milestone Blanket Here

2 - A Non Toxic Candle from Just Bee

Give the new mom in your life a moment of zen, without any harmful toxins that will disrupt her hormones more than they already are!

Just Bee's candles are known for their cleanliness and purity. Every scent blend is meticulously made with natural soy wax, organic coconut oil, naturally gathered beeswax, 100% natural cotton wicks, fragrance, and essential oils.

Shop Just Bee Here!

3 - SILK Sleep Mask from Manta

Sleep can be a rare thing for new moms, and sometime's they are going to need to catch some z's in the middle of the day or whenever they get a chance. The Manta SILK Sleep Mask is the perfect gift to give mom a moment of relaxation, while preventing wrinkles and refreshing skin cells. Plus, they are 100% blackout!

Shop the Manta SILK Mask Here!

4 - Migrastil Migraine Stick

Headaches are common when you're sleep deprived, underfed and trying to survive with a new baby, but taking toxic drugs to stop a migraine is not always the best thing to do when you need to be present and healthy for the baby.

The Migrastil Migraine Stick is an all natural way to cure things like migraines, nausea, stress, brain fog, and muscle tightness. All things a new mother knows all too well!

Shop Migrastil Here

5 - The Looky Lou

There is one thing all moms want; photos of their new baby! The Looky Lou has designed the perfect gadget you can attach to your cellphone to get your baby to look right into that camera, so every selfie a new mom takes will make her smile!

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