5 Gifts for The Holiday Host!

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Echo Lawrence - December 1, 2023

Since the holiday season has officially started, you may be wondering what to bring to the party or family get together. The best way to come prepared to any event is to grab a gift for the person hosting everybody, usually people show up with a bottle of wine and that's also a great idea but if you want something that will last beyond the night, here are 5 items from Cribsi that are sure to put a smile on your hosts face this holiday season!

Give the gift of giving back to the environment with this Sustainable Housewares Starter Kit that includes 10 items!

Keep things chill throughout the night with this TRUE Chill Modern Ice Bucket

Speaking of ice, here's a fun ice breaker game that will have everybody learning more about each other with the Pando Trivia Game!

We all know things are about to get messy at Christmas dinner, so give the gift of a new set of napkins. This PAC Linen Napkin Set is made out of pure linen and made in the USA, so you know they'll last!

Nothing beats a nice hot after dinner cup of tea, or coffee, and nothing is worse than arriving to someones house for dinner and seeing that they don't even own a kettle. Speaking from personal experience here. Step up your hosts boiling water game with this Bodum Ottoni Electric Water Kettle.


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