Everything You Need For a Successful Winter Vacation in the Sun!

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Echo Lawrence - January 4, 2024

Feeling inspired by all the celebrities out on their sun filled winter vacations right now? Dreaming of white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and palm trees swaying in the breeze? We're right there with you!

If you've already booked your next trip or are gearing up for the next time you jet off to a sunny destination, any tropical winter vacation calls for a wardrobe that effortlessly blends comfort and style.

With the help of our pals over at EgotasticTravels (literally me), who are always keeping us inspired on where to travel to next, we've put together a list of winter vacation must haves to help you prepare for your next sun-soaked escape!


When it comes to a tropical winter vacation, your swimwear is the star of the show. From trendy bikinis, stylish one-pieces, and tropical themed shorts, choose vibrant colors and bold prints that reflect the sunny atmosphere.


Transition seamlessly from beach to bar with stylish cover-ups. Think flowy maxi dresses, breezy kaftans, and lightweight sarongs. For the gentlemen, these linen shorts and button downs will keep you feeling cool while you make your way over to the beach buffet.

Comfortable Sandals

Exploring tropical paradises requires comfortable yet fashionable footwear. Invest in a pair of comfortable sandals that can take you from sandy beaches to vibrant markets effortlessly.

Sun Protection Essentials

Stay sun-safe in style with wide-brimmed hats, stylish sunglasses, and UV-protective swimwear. Look for UPF-rated clothing to keep your skin shielded from harmful rays while enjoying your tropical adventures. Unless you're like me, I love a good burn!

Lightweight Options

Pack a collection of lightweight dresses or shirts that showcase the essence of tropical elegance. Choose breathable fabrics like cotton and linen, and opt for vibrant prints or solid hues that capture the vibrant energy of your destination.

Practical Beach Bags

A practical yet stylish beach bag is a must-have for any tropical adventure. Look for options with multiple compartments to keep your essentials organized, and choose designs that complement your overall beach aesthetic.

Quick-Dry Towels

Invest in quick-dry towels that are not only functional but also fashionable. Opt for vibrant colors or fun patterns to add a pop of personality to your beach essentials.

Lightweight Jackets

While the days are warm, tropical evenings can sometimes get breezy. Pack a stylish lightweight jacket or a chic shawl for those cooler nights by the beach.

Eco-Friendly Sunscreen

Prioritize eco-friendly sunscreen options to protect your skin without harming the coral reefs. Look for brands that focus on reef-safe ingredients while providing effective sun protection.

Accessories in enhance your trip:

Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Enjoy your favorite tunes by the beach or poolside with a portable, waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Its compact design and water-resistant features make it perfect for tropical adventures.

Solar-Powered Power Bank

Stay connected while soaking up the sun with a solar-powered power bank. Harness the tropical sunlight to charge your devices on the go, ensuring you never miss a photo opportunity.

Collapsible Water Bottle

Hydration is key in tropical climates. Opt for a collapsible water bottle that saves space in your luggage and can be easily refilled, keeping you refreshed throughout your travels.

Compact Waterproof Camera

Capture underwater wonders and beach moments with a compact waterproof camera. Its durable design ensures you can document your tropical escapades without worrying about water damage.

Multifunctional Travel Adapter

Charge your gadgets effortlessly with a multifunctional travel adapter. Equipped with various plug options, USB ports, and surge protection, it ensures your devices stay powered up in any destination.

Smartwatch with GPS

Navigate unfamiliar tropical terrain confidently with a smartwatch featuring GPS capabilities. Track your hikes, runs, or exploration routes while staying connected to important notifications.

Bon Voyage!

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