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Echo Lawrence - December 21, 2023

By now you have probably seen the very popular new gadget on the market, the Gel Blaster. As someone who loves having a fun way of attacking people when they walk through my door, I was instantly attracted to the Gel Blaster.

The ammo is water based and the gellets expand in water in roughly 2 hours and last for months when they are hydrated in water. They are both eco friendly and non toxic, which is a big plus.

Once you hit someone with these gellets, they explode on impact and disintegrate meaning there is nothing to clean up afterwards - another plus!

The blasters are able to blast these gellets at 150-250 feet per second, giving you the ability to hit your target, or friend, from a pretty good distance while taking cover yourself.

The best part about the Gel Blaster is that the brand is having a pretty epic holiday sale they have going on right now!

Shop these Gel Blaster deals below and put something fun under the Christmas tree this year!

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