Stop Procrastinating and Start Working Out!

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Echo Lawrence - July 25, 2022

Speaking from an actual female perceptive here, there is nothing worse than a guy who looks like he couldn't defend you from zombies in the upcoming apocalypse. For real, the end is near and you noddle arm looking dudes are going to be the first ones we eat when food runs short. There are just not enough guys these days who actually take fitness seriously and make an effort to look BUFF. The ones that do, are the schizo lifter type who while being the epitome of fit and sexy, are also mentally insane.

Whether you've been thinking about working out or have just been slacking over all in the fitness department, this is your reminder to bulk up and go work out! Trust me, I know that the ladies should be taking this advice too but it's just far too late for a lot of them, their silicon implants and Brazilian butt lifts are going to set them back enough already in these end times!

Here are some items that can make that fitness routine a little better!

A Standing PullUp Bar

You have no excuse not to do a quick set of pullups as soon as you wake up when you have this home gym pull-up bar set up in you bedroom because it takes up the whole damn room and can't be ignored!

A new exercise mat

This 7'x3.2' mat is perfect for jumping rope, doing your floor exercise or for putting under your treadmill!

A Desk Bike

With all this work from home nonsense (yes we are still working through the end times, it's weird) it can be difficult to find time to get in some good cardio. With the FitDesk you can bike while you work! Which feels dystopian because it is!

Balance Ball Chair

If the FitDesk isn't your things, there is always the balance ball chair, something that became really popular in the last few years, for good reason!

Mini Rebounder Trampoline

Get your blood flowing with this mini trampoline, bonus if you hate your downstairs neighbours!

Resistance Bands

You can never have too many bands laying around. Bands will make her dance, as they say!

Adjustable Dumbbell

I actually hate these kind of weights but they do have the benefit of being a compact size that you can again, keep in your bedroom for a quick pump!

A Weight Bench

This bench is great because it's on sale right now for 29% off, how could you not get it!


Track your fitness goals with a new Fitbit watch, which will share your data with our overlords and push us further into the dystopian future they all want and we all fear.

Gym Shorts

Upgrade your look with a new pair of shorts, complete with a phone pocked to keep your electronics still while you get ripped.

Reebok Trainers

Grab a new pair of trainers for the proper support you need, or train barefoot to really prepare!

A Rowing Machine

Nothing gets you ripped the way a rowing machine does. For the price, this one should outlast the apocalypse.

Gorilla Mode Pre Workout

It's like doing speed without having to find a dealer! Added bonus, Monkey Pox can't stand a chance against a Gorilla.

Shake Shot

You need a new shaker because your current one probably stinks!

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